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Turnover rates in the healthcare industry have increased over the past few years.

Healthcare Management

Turnover rates in the healthcare industry have increased over the past few years. Current employees will experience burnout and workload increases as healthcare facilities scramble to hire, onboard, and retain new management. Healthcare facilities must start looking for qualified long-term replacements now. Who will you turn to when your healthcare facility experiences an exodus of employees? You should turn to Gosselin-Martin Associates of course. We are one of the most attentive healthcare recruiter companies and healthcare consulting firms nationwide. Our combined decades of experience in the healthcare industry gives us a competitive edge over your typical headhunters; we understand healthcare because we were in it. Therefore, we have the recruitment and retention strategies in healthcare to get qualified candidates for you and ensure they stay. Additionally, we can help you with healthcare succession planning to better streamline the employment process.

We work at a national level. As a result, you will never wonder if your best candidate is still out there waiting to be found. We have already found your top candidates. Would you like to see who they are?


Healthcare Recruiter Companies

Creating and retaining good leadership is the cornerstone of securing your company’s future growth. We know that a good healthcare manager can make or break the flow and cohesion of your hospital or healthcare facility. Make sure that you have healthcare management in place that will lead, empower, and inspire your employees at every level. Gosselin-Martin Associates isn’t one of your run-of-the-mill healthcare recruiter companies. Unlike most healthcare consulting firms, we have worked in hospitals and have tried and true understandings of the inner workings of them.  As a result, we know first hand the critical factors needed for success within your hospital or healthcare facility. We are one of the most reliable healthcare recruiter companies and healthcare consulting firms in the United States of America. We have healthcare management leaders for you.

As a nationwide company, we service areas such as, but not limited to:

  • California (CA)
  • Illinois (IL)
  • Maryland (MD)
  • Massachusetts (MA)
  • Missouri (MO)
  • Minnesota (MI)
  • New York (NY)
  • Ohio (OH)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Texas (TX)


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Healthcare Consulting Firms

Not only do we have leaders for you, but we also have ears trained for listening. We are here to make sure we address all your healthcare facility needs. We will assess and create a program specifically built around the healthcare management needs of your hospital. By listening to what your workplace shortcomings are and calculating projected turnover needs, Gosselin-Martin Associates will engineer a tailored training program for you. The cornerstone of a good healthcare facility does not lie only in organizational success, but also cultural structures, clear objectives, and the creation of a team that has synergy. Recruitment and retention strategies in healthcare are foundational to building a good healthcare management team. We listen carefully to you and create enduring and collaborative relationships by assuring quick responses.


Take it from LouAnn Scheelhaase, an HR Business Partner from the Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, IL:

“In an effort to upgrade this critical role during our leadership transition, Gosselin brought a deep understanding of the attributes needed to be successful in this job in today’s healthcare environment. This knowledge was particularly helpful in developing the profile for the new facilities director.”

Recruitment and Retention Strategies in Healthcare

The need for proper soft skills training is on the rise in the healthcare management sector. Recruitment and retention strategies in healthcare are built around not only looking for competency but emotionally maturity. Because soft skills are usually perceived as a natural or instinctive trait in a prospective employee, most companies don’t realize you can help people develop soft skills. Soft skills are required for successful healthcare management. Without soft skills, you cannot create a harmonious work environment. Bosses who demotivate will not inspire their employees to continue working for them. As a result, we know that when training people with these necessary soft skills, we must use soft skills ourselves.

Adult education should be an interactive and shared learning experience. Shared learning is the core of our education curriculum.  As a result, we deliver first-class education and information to healthcare systems and facilities management professionals in a digestible, interactive way. For instance, our programs such as the peopleBUILD Program and the Beyond Competency Program are all built around the concept of creating a soft-skills-aware environment for healthcare management to thrive. We help teams grow and grow well. We do this by employing a few of the following techniques:

  • Firstly, develop departments with employees motivated by organizational success.
  • Secondly, create relationships with defined and aligned expectations and responsibilities.
  • Thirdly, effectively handle employee disputes.
  • Fourthly, use praise to motivate.
  • Fifthly, manage change.
  • Sixly, defuse contentious employee conversations.
  • Lastly, avoid demotivational communication.

Management Leadership

Interacting with facility directors, human resources leadership, and candidates on a daily basis through national recruitments and education programs.

Establishing Relationships

Establishes working relationships with national candidates, healthcare facilities leaders, and national and regional engineering society’s.

Program Development

Develop and present facilities-specific education programs for ASHE, affiliated chapters, standalone hospitals, and healthcare systems.

Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare facility director recruitment and education is our only business. Unlike other firms who specialize in a variety of areas, we recruit for and educate in only one discipline: Hospital facilities leadership.

Healthcare Succession Planning

With such a high turnover in healthcare management positions, it’s important to have a plan going forward. Healthcare succession planning is incredibly helpful in this instance. This is where healthcare professionals plan for who will replace certain positions if and when the current holder leaves. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Identifying which positions will most benefit from a succession program.
  • Train potential candidates to take over the role.
  • Keep in contact with everyone in the program to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Gosselin/Martin Associates is available to help with healthcare session planning. Our healthcare management experts can advise you on how best to implement a program. Additionally, we can help find people to fill any roles necessary. Our experience in the healthcare industry means that we are incredibly familiar with what good healthcare management looks like. So, we encourage you to call us today for more information.


Finding and hiring leadership talent is increasingly difficult. Save time and money while avoiding costly employment gaps. We provide the best solutions that match your needs!

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We deliver the expertise, the network, and the difference to find the right match and avoid a costly bad hire.

We were seeking a high level executive leader who could develop strategies for our newly configured regional hospital system. Lots of change and plenty of challenges beyond the traditional engineering operations position. Gosselin/Martin Associates was diligent in their search for an individual who not only provided this vision, but aligned well with our established culture and corporate philosophy.

Bimal Patel
Regional VP of Operations, Hartford Healthcare, Hartford, CT
Gosselin/Martin Associates is the only national search firm with a distinct and specific focus on healthcare facilities management roles. They bring an understanding of the profession that can bring strong value to all of us. Expediting this search and selection is a priority and getting the right person in the role is extremely important. Gosselin/Martin Associates already knows the candidate network in place, which will assist in moving the process along quickly and with a targeted focus.
David Duncan
System Vice President of Facilities & Support Service, Care New England

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