There are some skills and competencies needed for a successful career in health facilities leadership roles that aren’t taught in universities. Gosselin/Martin Associates is pleased to offer our innovative education program, Beyond Competency: Health Facility Leadership Skills Development. Developed specifically for and targeted at health facilities management, it is unique in our industry.

Clients often ask us before recruitment begins: “Can you find me an engineer who can communicate? I really need one.” That request is the genesis of Beyond Competency. Technical expertise is no longer enough. As a result, the ability to work collaboratively amidst staff and colleagues, projecting expertise and credibility, is integral.

Learn more about our Beyond Competency educational program here. 

What our Clients Say

We deliver the expertise, the knowledge, and the connections to help build your healthcare facilities career.

Thank you for the knowledge you shared at the program. I picked up information that I will be able to use back on the job that will make me a more effective manager.
Mary Lynn Hayes
CHFM, Manager, Facility Services, Allied Services Integrated Health System, Scranton, PA
Beyond Competency allows attendants to share their experiences and lessons-learned through open dialogues and interactive group exercises. This class can be beneficial for newly promoted to seasoned managers.
Christopher McKenney
Engineering Research Technician II, System Information & Research Division, Arkansas Transportation Department
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