“I have no more rabbits to pull out of my hat.”

By far, this rabbit quote is indicative of the state of the healthcare facility management discipline today and ranks as one of our favorite candidate quotes of all time.
“I have no more rabbits to pull out of my hat.” 
We have been in this business of healthcare facilties management for more than 45 years and this is among the most volatile of times. The rabbits that are disappearing in facilities management have taken the form of money, people, support, and resources. This occurs with increasing responsibility and accountability. 
So the Director who told us that he had no more rabbits to pull was frustrated and tired. He planned to leave his hospital and retire within the year, leaving the full-time workforce in favor of interim work.

This Story is Common

The Director, a Baby Boomer, was retiring from fulltime work. Many facility professionals have worked past 65 years old of age, but they are tiring of the daily grind.  Across facilities, Boomers are leaving the discipline in droves. But they aren’t quite ready to leave the discipline entirely.

Many believe they have much left to give and do not want to stop working cold turkey. Opportunities are available, and long-tenured, experienced managers are finding work in multiple facility disciplines, including:

  • Interim Director
  • Life Safety Consulting/Preparation
  • Project Manager, Contract based
  • Third-party service provider

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