You are currently viewing March 25 – Free Healthcare Facilities Lunch & Learn!
Free Healthcare Facilities Lunch & Learn

March 25 – Free Healthcare Facilities Lunch & Learn!

Back by popular demand! Our first session sold out, so we are hosting another.

Do you ever consider your healthcare facilities career or your role in it? You should be an active participant, the star of your own reality show. 

Join Gosselin/Martin Associates free education Lunch & Learn,  The Healthcare Facility Professional’s Toolbox. This program is focused solely on you and your career; here we leave the technical training behind. In this fast-moving 45 minute session, we will touch on several areas to help make sense of the discipline today, including:

* Current state
* Trends driving industry
* Career competencies
* Resumes and interviews
* Appropriate skill mix

No matter your role – director, manager, supervisor, tradesperson – this session is for you.

“That was a wonderful presentation you made and gave me some fresh perspectives on the facility management world.” Don Doherty, HESNI Office Administrator

Trust us, this session will fly by and you will enjoy it. Whether you are in the trades or in management, this session is for you.

“Great webinar today but I feel it could have been another hour at a minimum.” Lunch & Learn Participant

“Healthcare is unique. Bring a mirror and be prepared to take a good look at yourself. It will help you be on your way in the development of Healthcare Leadership.” Clay Ciolek, Facilities Manager, Providence Health & Services, Olympia, WA

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