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Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical offices, and outpatient clinics require a high level of communication, management, and resources to maintain safety and functionality at all times. Many of the responsibilities that keep health facilities running fall into the hands of HFM (healthcare facilities management) professionals. This essential profession requires a wide variety of both technical and interpersonal skills in order to develop a successful career. Gosselin/Martin Associates is a consulting and recruiting company that helps healthcare facilities management professionals nationwide to build leadership and communication skills while offering guidance for their specific career paths.

With more than 45 years of specific experience in the discipline, Gosselin/Martin Associates is uniquely suited to serve the healthcare experience.
Our Career Hub was created to provide insight and education to anyone looking to advance their career in HFM, whether you are just getting started, looking for a change, or even approaching retirement.


While technical competencies play a large role in the success of a healthcare facilities manager, there are many “soft” skills that employers need and seek out in their new recruits. We help HFM professionals evaluate their own skill sets and develop greater skills. Leadership skills include interpersonal communication, organization, problem-solving, and more.

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We were seeking a high level executive leader who could develop strategies for our newly configured regional hospital system. Lots of change and plenty of challenges beyond the traditional engineering operations position. Gosselin/Martin Associates was diligent in their search for an individual who not only provided this vision, but aligned well with our established culture and corporate philosophy.

Bimal Patel
Regional VP of Operations,Hartford Hospital Healthcare, Hartford, CT
Gosselin/Martin Associates is the only national search firm with a distinct and specific focus on healthcare facilities management roles. They bring an understanding of the profession that can bring strong value to all of us. Expediting this search and selection is a priority and getting the right person in the role is extremely important. Gosselin/Martin Associates already knows the candidate network in place, which will assist in moving the process along quickly and with a targeted focus.
David Duncan
System Vice President of Facilities & Support, Service Care, New England
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